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Dear Employer,

The opportunity to teach English in Brazil is to me a dream. I love your language and with all my heart I want to master it, but I cannot only study Portuguese. I love to work. I need to work. If I don't work, I'm not happy. I believe that my love for your language, and native fluency of English make me qualified to teach ESL. My education is extensive, and I love learning. I believe my work experience, charisma, and work ethic enable me to reach students of different ages and abilities. The strengths I have for working in this position are the following: motivated, eager to learn, strong communication skills, and desire for excellence. You will find that I am easy to work with, take criticism well, and have a passion for working to the best of my ability. My work experience in customer service has prepared me to work with students of all different personalities. I am certain that my enthusiasm for language learning will be contagious. After working with me, I expect students will be motivated to go out and study by themselves. This is my goal. To get students to the point where they hunger to learn. I believe that when a student is studying by themselves, on their own free will, is where learning really begins. Please review my resume for further information. I can be contacted by cell phone anytime. My number is 978-394-5369. My e-mail is I appreciate your consideration and look forward to speaking with you, Sincerely, Matthew Andrewes

Thank you for your time.

Matthew John Hampden Andrewes
tesol teacher
TESOL Teacher Available for Employment
Matthew John Hampden Andrewes
83 Grant Street, Concord, MA, 01742
Phone: 978 3710990

Career Objectives:

To teach English to speakers of other languages. To become completely fluent in Portuguese. To develop a career in L2 teaching.


School : The Fessenden School
Date of Attendance : 1999-2001
Major : Liberal Arts Degree : Yes School : Pomfret School
Date of Attendance : 2001-2004
Major : Liberal Arts Degree : Yes

School : Goucher College
Date of Attendance : 2004-2007
Major : Philosophy and Religion Degree : No

School : The Harvard Extension School
Date of Attendance : 2007-2010
Major : Humanities Degree : Bachelor's

Employment History:

Employer : Paradigm Graphics
Job Title : Secretary
Date : August 2010- Present
Duties : Writing job proposals, speaking with clients, organizing information and understanding bid obligations.

Employer : Starbucks Coffee Company
Job Title : Shift Supervisor
Date : January 2008-August 2010
Duties : Customer service, shift management, store supplies orders, negotiating internal problems, managing money, ensuring that company standards are maintained.

Employer : Concord Country Club
Job Title : Caddy
Date : 2000-Present
Duties : Golf Etiquette, green reading, yardage.


Bartender's License

Additional Information:

I love learning languages. For me, learning Portuguese is not just a skill, it is a passion. Of course, it is very useful and fun, but ultimately, it is the most rewarding academic experience of my life. I still have much to learn, but I look forward to it. I wish to bring language learning to a level where people are not just understanding and speaking in their L2, but where they OWN the L2. This is to say that they speak, understand, read and write like they do in their native tongue. To begin communication in an L2 is unlike anything else. And to master it is hard. I myself am not there. But for too long, too many people have settled for mediocre levels of language success. We must raise the stakes. I plan to accomplish this, through understanding how individuals learn, and then applying the method that is most effective for them to their situation. In all cases I wish to get the students exposed to as much English as possible and encourage them to communicate! Without communication and practice, real success in a L2 is difficult. It is my goal to get them excited about learning English. If they are excited, then they will study on their own, and they will really learn. Anyone who has learnt another language knows this. I greatly look forward to working with L2 learners and developing a career in EFL.

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